Founder’s Words
My life was changed since my baby girl come to this world, she make me from a boy to a father. Since then, I feel I need to protect her, to keep her safe, to give her clean water and food, to give her breath fresh air, all these base needs for a human being to grow.But after I start it, I found it even just provide these base things are harder and harder to ensure I could do that exactly. Not because I am poor, it is about our environment in this Mother Earth getting worse and worse, no matter you rich or poor, you almost can’t avoid the pollution in this world. The scientists have already found the micro plastics in the most deep trench of earth and Antarctica which was believed the last pure land. In this world almost have no place to let any people to escape different kind of pollution. Anyone have parents, anyone have the one they love, and who the people love them, remember them, please just start to fight all kinds of pollution before it’s too later.

I was start to think about the how to solve the pollution of environment since she born. Of course I hope me or someone can solve all the pollution problems. But she can’t wait, the creatures in the earth can’t wait, so I think I still need to start in some way. On March 8, yes, the international women’s day, I come up this idea, a platform to sharing reusable cutlery and appliances, I can use new technologies and a old fashion way combine together to help reduce plastic and single-use cups which the one of most important pollution the media mentioned(actually inspired by Eric Solheim and Adrian Grenier). The key point of reduce the pollution of plastic and single-use items is make the user to change their behavior (no more use single-use items). It’s the most difficult part, anyone try to change others’ behavior always difficult, so I know I need to design this platform is most effective and efficient, at the same time make user feel less painful even get some reward during the changing process of using single-use items behavior.

That’s what I thought, I don’t know this way (the platform) will success or not, but I do know as a father and a citizen of Mother Earth, I have responsibilities to do everything that I know which may save this world.

FindEgg is the first step of my dream, hope I can do more and better in the future.


Welcome you all to give me advices and feedback, thank you!

Jiawei Wu

What do we do?

We give a solution of the problem that huge number of disposable appliance wildly used in coffee shop and restaurant, or public places, have already cause huge environmental disaster, we create a new app in mobile phone and provide a machine which called “sustainable hub”, the user can use our app to get and return a reusable appliance from it.

Our Vision

To build up a reusable, sustainable,convenient and efficient system to distribute and collect appliance to communities.

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